Research and Development Overview

We use customized and standardized test methods to assess products and services for their impact on consumer health. We act as an extension of your in-house R&D capabilities. We add value, answer questions and solve problems.

The market for products targeted at asthma and allergy sufferers and improving home health continues to grow. Today's consumers are constantly in search of the newest product trends. Innovation and time to market are key to your success. Yet safety, quality, labeling and compliance issues are just as important. Health related claims, ingredient listing and marketing materials are becoming more regulated. Retailers are also increasingly risk averse and wish to protect their brand reputation.

It is vital to verify all necessary claims before going to market with a new product innovation. The best way to substantiate a claim is through independent third party testing.


We enhance the quality and reputation of an organization and avoid risk. We help you with:

  • Accelerated innovation cycles
  • Reduced R&D costs
  • Faster time to market for prototypes
  • Reputational issues, insurance and risk
  • Environmental data capture and health related field studies
  • Bio-monitoring, modelling and human exposure assessments