Substantiating health claims through Scientific Research & Certification

ASHRAE-52.2-modifiedOur test duct rig system (ASHRAE 52.2 modified) attached to a a large ASTM type chamber allows for the assessment of either in-duct or in sequence product performance

As a world leading biomedical research facility we differentiate you from your competitors.

No matter what your product or service life-cycle stage, we have the expertise to add market driven innovation, specifically through:

  • Paper Based Evaluations
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Contract Research
  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • Field Studies


Our multi-disciplinary team which includes medical specialists and scientists with expertise in mycology, virology, bacteriology, allergy and immunology deliver data of impeccable quality. Further, we interpret results with regards to their likely impact on the indoor environment and people's health.


Consumer Products & Services

  • Accelerate innovation cycles and reduce R&D costs
  • Faster time to market for prototypes
  • Reputational issues, insurance and risk

Indoor Environments

  • Environmental data capture for health-related parameters
  • Health related environmental trials and field studies
  • Epidemiology studies including bio-monitoring and exposure assessments


Our large environmental chambers and state of the art analytical technology measure multiple parameters related to indoor air quality

  • Indoor air pollutants
  • Bio aerosols
  • Particulates
  • Toxins
  • Allergens

Our clients often describe us as a specialised extension to their own research capabilities. We capture, store and manage your data and most importantly convert it into value.